New ideas for Plays and Productions Wanted

We invite your ideas and suggestions for our future  planning – your choice, your Society!

Every year the SADS committee gather in ideas and create a new programme of events, meetings and workshops for the SADS membership.  This invitation is to all the Society members to help create a list of suggestions for plays that we might put on in the future. We hope you will agree to take part in this challenge by giving us YOUR suggestions for new plays and dramatic events. Just email at any time throughout the year and we will see that an updated list of suggested plays, (or dramatic productions and events) is present all year on the SADS website for the membership to see.

Click on documents if you want to see a list of past productions.

Current Suggestions

 The Browning Version       Terence Rattigan       
 Waiting in the Wings         Noel Coward    
 Playhouse Creatures (see documents for more information) April De   Angelis